Roll Offs

think inside the box

Where you want it. When you want it. Over 800 containers, 10 to 80 cubic yards in size. 18 trucks at your disposal. Competitive pricing. Environmentally sound practices. 24-hour service.

Our experienced and educated drivers and courteous office staff will work with you to meet your specific requirements on time, every time.

All construction and demolition material we haul is handled with the utmost care for our environment. Each container is separated to extract as much recyclable material as possible, saving resources and diverting large quantities of debris from the landfill. 

LEED acceptable reporting is available for every container, letting you know how much material was recycled specifically from your project. 
Our drivers are trained to safely and efficiently deliver your container in the most difficult of conditions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Call into our offices to learn more about pricing of our containers and how Lloyd’s is the superior choice for your debris management needs.


Transfer Station

a waste boutique designed with you in mind

A waste management boutique to meet your recycling goals. Our MPCA licensed transfer station allows for personalized recycling rates. Each container is dumped and separated allowing for maximized recycling percentages, diverting waste from the landfill and saving money through the salvaging of reusable material. 

Items we extract include: aggregate, wood, shingles, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, cardboard, and much more. Keeping transportation costs in mind as well, we may choose to work closely with other trusted recovery and recycling processors in the area who are able to extract the same materials, saving you time and money. 

We aim to be Green in all aspects of our business practices, enabling us to make environmentally-friendly, yet practical decisions.

Recovery & Recycling reporting

tracking your project with integrity

The newest trend that’s been around for years.

Recycling is what Lloyd’s has been doing from the start. 

Diversion from the landfill. Reuse of building materials. Leading the way in innovative recycling practices. Clear and accurate reporting. 

Lloyd’s has the knowledge and experience to make the most of your project by saving your money, time, and most importantly, environment. 


Concrete/Asphalt Recycling

handling material from cradle to cradle

Lloyd’s Construction Services, Inc. prides itself on the ability to handle concrete/asphalt debris from “cradle to cradle”, recycling virtually 100% of the material. This ultimately saves you time and money, all while having an added positive environmental impact on your projects. 

LCS has capabilities for you to both dump and purchase material from our facility, conveniently located off of Highway 13 and Interstate 169 in the South Metro. However, if this is not a possibility on your project, Lloyd’s is also able to provide roll off containers for the collection and recycling of your concrete/asphalt debris. 

Additionally, we are able to haul Class 5 aggregate directly to your job site for a variety of uses via dump truck or roll off container. Not only will this increase time and cost efficiencies on your job, but it may also assist with recycling initiatives specified for your project. 

Our product has been proven on a multitude of residential and commercial projects, ranging from a soil corrector, to foundation material, to highway heavy road base. All material gradation tests have met MnDOT regulatory specifications, and test results are available upon request. Please be sure to call for availability of product prior to pick-up. Contact us for high-volume pricing. 


Affordable, convenient, and flexible. Lloyd’s Construction Services, Inc. offers a variety of means for you to dispose of your concrete and asphalt debris or to purchase crushed, recycled material. Choose LCS for your concrete material needs, rest assured that your specific project demands will be met on time, every time.

Shingle Recycling

converting roofing to roadways


Lloyd’s Construction Services, Inc. converts recovered asphalt shingles into hot-mix asphalt for roadway construction. 

Our mission, in conjunction with the Minnesota Department of Transportation and other industry segments, is to maximize the life of used asphalt shingles. 

The benefits are obvious. Used or damaged shingles will not reach landfills and instead will be utilized for new roadways or roadway repair at no additional cost to the consumer. 

Lloyd’s is a leader in this innovative and revolutionary recycling practice and is able to divert nearly 100% of all roofing waste from the landfill, including pallets and metals. 

Contact us to find out more information about the “roofing to roadways”  process and how Lloyd’s, with unlimited tipping abilities of shingles, is the progressive alternative for shingle reclamation.