Whether tearing down a small shed or an entire dwelling, LCS provides a stress-free solution for your demolition needs. Working directly with property owners, municipalities, or general contracting firms, Lloyd's produces all necessary paperwork to stay in compliance with regulatory agencies on your behalf, maintains community relations and updates throughout the project, and strives to create as little disruption as possible while swiftly clearing the site in a timely and organized manner.


Our excavation team is the next logical step after your site has been cleared. Working in conjunction with our demolition division, we have the means and methods necessary to successfully prepare sites for future development and additions. Whether a new home construction, a driveway installation, pool excavation, or a variety of other landscape projects, our operators have the experience and know-how to make sure your projects are thoroughly prepped so that the foundation of your projects will withstand the tests of time.


Site Preparation

Pool Excavation

Driveway Demolition